NFT Release – “Refreshing” unsig_dreams – Oct 10, 2021

For a very limited time from October 10th, 13 new unsig_dreams will be available, with each design limited to a numbered run of 7 NFTs.

The Inspiration

unsigned_algorithms are not just artistically interesting: they push the envelope of what art on the blockchain actually means. One reason is the NFT is not the image you see, but the set of instructions required to create the image, and those instructions are written directly into the blockchain. No external image storage is required.

The Refresh project is also interesting beyond simply the way it looks. For me the idea of an NFT that you can interact with to infinitely create new images to view is exciting. It has also been interesting to see the way community involvement in the project has become integral to the way it is developing.

I have spent a great deal of my time viewing and interacting with pieces from both projects, and from that the idea for this collection was born. I feel they make natural spiritual bedfellows, particularly in a NFT market currently saturated with “adjective-animal” cartoon profile picture offerings. This then is my presentation of how I feel both projects align with what I find fascinating about blockchain art.

The Mechanics

The Refresh was released in 3 tiers. For the third and final tier, community members were invited to submit new colour palettes to be included in the set. 13 were eventually sucessfully integrated, with the adopted options being chosen by public vote. Thus the “Community Picked” theme was created.

In this unsig_dream remix I have taken those 13 colour palettes and used them to create new imaginings of unsig_18091 (from my collection).

I present to you: “Refreshing” unsig_dreams.

The Release Notes

The launch event for the set begins Sunday 10 October 2021.
Each piece is priced at 30 ADA.
Pieces will be offered via the marketplace*.

This means you will receive exactly the NFT you are expecting and not something selected for you at random.
*Roughly half of the NFTs will be listed from 9am BST, and the remainder will be listed from 9pm BST, to allow for regional time zone differences.

Please Note:

The link above takes you to a search of NFTs verified to be unsig_dreams. The marketplace also contains some previous unsig_dream pieces being offered for secondary sale by their current owners. Whilst those are legitimate unsig_dreams, if you are interested in this particular release please take care to confirm what you are purchasing is part of the correct set. It’s pretty visually obvious, but be careful if you are in any doubt.
It is possible during the launch period some people may try to ‘flip’ these NFTs for a profit. I will only be offering the pieces for 30 ADA, so if you see one offered for a different price you can be confident it is not coming directly from me.
I am happy to answer any queries you may have via any of the listed social media platforms.

The collection consists of 13 variations.
Each colour variation is strictly limited to 7 numbered editions.

After one week if any remain unsold I will delist them from the marketplace and “warehouse” them*. The launch will then be over.
*Future use of any warehoused items is yet to be defined, but will not involve them being offered at discounted rates.

-Tim the Sleeper

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