CNFTs can be life changing

A little while ago on Twitter I made an observation about how CNFTs can be life changing, quite separate from any financial implications. I think that deserves a little more attention so I am going to share a few thoughts here.

Hidden lives…

The world is filled with people who, through medical or other circumstance, find themselves living isolated from the normal activities citizens are assumed to be involved with. Adjusting to this is a difficult process and often one result is to ‘let it go’. To protect yourself from the constantly emotionally damaging feelings of missing out and life passing you by – you just withdraw into whatever areas of life you are still able to function and interact in.

CNFTs, and the communities that are growing up around them, are accessible to anybody with internet connection. That is not everybody globally, granted, but the reach is vast nonetheless. Some projects are proving highly prized in the market (and therefore expensive), but there are CNFTs to suit almost any pocket. You don’t even need to be an owner to engage in the communities. Regardless of your financial investment, fans tend to be welcoming to anyone who shares their appreciation. It’s even possible to create your own, and to put them in front of a global audience. All of this from your home, in your safe space, with access to whatever supports or aids you may be reliant on.

How my life was changed by CNFTs…

I cannot pinpoint a time when I shut myself off from the world. I don’t think there even is a moment in time. There is just the gradual pressure of trying to live with my narcolepsy pushing me year after year further into a lonely and disconnected place. Sometimes I try to take steps to remedy the issue. Perhaps occasionally some small adventure is achieved or a grander one is planned. Just like the price of Bitcoin though, over the macro scale the trend is quite clear. It’s all so ingrained I quite forgot there is any other way to be.

CNFTs, and unsigned_algorithms most of all, jolted me conscious. I am reminded I exist in a world filled with people and life. Unexpected interactions can spark new thoughts and open new vistas of possibilities. Positive feedback is actually freely available. Being involved does not feel like a token gesture. Once again I remember that I am not just alive – I am LIVING. This is life changing in ways I cannot reasonably put words on. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this either. I want to take this moment to celebrate and be grateful for all the people who create and are involved in this new world. This is changing lives.

Final thought…

Feeling more connected extends beyond just the computer screen. It opens up you eyes and your soul to see the things around you that really never went away. Where I live Autumn is starting to show it’s face. I have shared here a recent unsig_dreams creation reflecting the turning of the seasons.

-Tim the Sleeper

"Autumn in the Air", part of CNFTs project: unsig_dreams
Autumn in the Air
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