Musings on dreams, and memory, and unsigs

As a person with narcolepsy it is interesting to me how memories (including dreams) are formed and how they are retained. Studies have shown that memories evolve over time. My take on that is that each time you remember a situation or event, your brain mentally recreates it, and that in turn is laid like a layer on top of the original memory. Tell yourself a lie often enough, you will eventually forget the truth.

Dreams seem especially (or at least rapidly) prone to this. Just as a dream tends to fade or be discarded by the waking mind, attempts to retain dream memories are more like recreations based on the elements the mind deemed significant. I believe often these significant elements are the emotional states that occurred. It is quite easy for elements from a dream to suddenly change, or for the apparant physical situation of a dream to be nonsensical (eg – “and then I was in my childhood home, except it was an igloo, but also it was in space”). So long as the emotional tone is correct the dream reality is accepted. This is true during the dreaming process, but also in any attempt to recreate (recall) it. It is possible to rewrite your dream memories by actively remembering them and inserting or deleting elements.

To me this process of building the complete dream picture using an emotional instruction palette feels a little like the code instructions that create an unsig image. On the blockchain there are no unsig images, but take any unsig info stored there and you can recreate (or recall) one. For unsigs this process is mathematically perfect. For our brains and our dreams it is not. An unsig therefore is like a perfect dream of colour – perfect because it can be recalled with ultimate precision.

As I stated before, I believe the core underlying component for dreams is emotion, and colour for unsigs. My unsig_dreams project can therefore be imagined as an exploration of colour and emotion, as described through the unreliable and erratic consciousness of a narcoleptic.

– Tim the Dreamer

West Kennet Long Barrow
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