Ruminations after a successful drop

I was entirely surprised this week by the level of support and interest there was in this project. Having put a lot of my limited personal resources into trying to create and present my unsig_dreams I had not really stopped to consider the extent to which they might be desirable as an NFT.

Teaser 2021-09-04

If you are reading this I will assume you are aware that they were all reserved within about an hour of me releasing them. I have since spent the following 36 hours making sure everything transacted smoothly and everybody got what they were expecting. To say that it was a challenge would be to speak mildly. I currently feel emotionally, physically, and mentally drained to a level beyond reasonable or sustainable.

I have never imagined anything I create might have this kind of audience, and from all across the globe. It is still a thing of great surprise and wonder for me, for which I am eternally thankful. If I am honest, perhaps there is some doubt and fear mixed in as well. I certainly have a sense of unrealness, like this might be some kind of giant internet wind-up to make me look foolish. And yet there it is – I can see people sharing my artworks and putting them on virtual display. I can see tweets and comments and appreciation that it is difficult to deny, no matter the devil of self doubt on my shoulder.

I should be celebrating. This could be a landmark point in my life. In truth I mostly feel like curling up into a ball, and also perhaps a little tearful. I think I took on too much this last week.

I do not know what the future now holds. I know I cannot do what I have done recently without serious damage to my health, both mental and physical. In a world with many amazing creators appearing every day, I don’t know if interest in my project can sustain without constant outflow.

For now I shall do what I need to – retreat and try to recuperate. There will be more unsig_dreams – I promise. I love making them and there is a meditative quality to interacting with them that I find greatly beneficial. I can only, however, go at a rate that will not tear my life apart. My thanks to you all for your understanding xx

-Tim the Sleeper

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