Many paths forward for unsig_dreams…

A little update on unsig_dreams WIP for those who may be interested.
I have several potential channels of creative output in front of me at the moment. They certainly will not all happen in the short term because of functional limitations. Possibly some may never happen, or I might be able to work through them all with enough time. Here is a little outline:


I have a little list of people who contacted me and expressed interest in some kind of commission. I put them off while in the middle of doing the first two drops, but I do not want to ignore them, so contacting each of them is now my #1 priority.
Possibly some new pieces may appear from this.


I am engaging with a very talented artist who’s work I like very much towards a special collaboration collection of pieces. This will be something a little different and I am extremely excited about it.
Not sure on timescale for ETA.

New “Distorted Dreams

I have a new set of distortions more or less ready to launch, but I don’t currently feel it’s the right time to progress that. The effort involved is quite life-consuming.

New “Layered Dreams

I have started production on a nice little set of a particular mash up of two projects. If you follow me on any platform I am sure you might be able to puzzle out which I am talking about. Possibly to release in limited numbers via a marketplace such as Tokhun.
Early stages, but potentially a clear path to launch.

Dreams of Light and Reflection

Those of you who have spent time looking around the website will have noticed this (as yet empty) collection gallery. I have a big and exciting idea that I would love to develop for this. Unfortunately it’s been simply too much for me to tackle thus far. I know what I want. I know how to do it (more or less). The execution is proving challenging, in terms of time and energy and useful wakefulness.

New “Pop Culture Dreams

I have bubbling about in the back of my mind a fun little idea for a collection of related pieces, based on one of my first creations.
Concept stage only thus far.

That’s it. Any thoughts on what you might like to see from unsig_dreams? You can share your thinking on the unsig_dreams channel on the new unsig_world Discord server. Click here to go there…

-Tim the Sleeper

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