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unsig_dreams are created by Tim_the_Sleeper
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What are “unsigs”?
unsigned_algorithms is a collection of 31,119 NFTs. It was created by Alexander Watanabe. These are the first algorithmically created NFTs, minted and preserved entirely on the Cardano blockchain. The algorithm generated a set of instructions to create each unsig (as code), and if that code is run by a computer it produces a unique square image. Each “unsig” NFT is the code that generates this image, recorded to the blockchain. Therefore there are 31,119 unique images that are each individually detailed as NFTs.

What are NFTs?
An NFT (non-fungible token) is, in essence, a collectible digital asset. Here we are talking about art assets, but the world of NFTs can and will extend far beyond this. Details of what the asset is and where the ownership resides are recorded to a public blockchain and so they are tradeable and can have established value.

What are unsig_dreams?
unsig_dreams is an art project building from unsigs. Each dream starts with one or more given unsig image/s and applies a variety of transformations and processes to it in order to arrive at a new artwork. Unsig_dreams brings together the algorithmically perfect execution of mathematics with the individual inspiration and soul of a creator artist.

Is unsig_dreams part of the unsigned_algorithm project?
No, although unsig_dreams drew it’s spark of inception from unsigned_algorithms, Alexander Watanabe is not involved in the project and it is not directly associated in any way. Each unsig that has been used as a start point for an unsig_dream is either in the possession of the artist, or permission was explicitly given by the owner at the time of creation.

Why dreams?
unsig_dreams is the project of a single artist. That person happens to be a person with the neurological condition of narcolepsy. Because of this the lines between dreams and reality are blurred. The inspiration for each piece comes very much from this space and indeed often the creation occurs in a liminal state of wakefulness.

Can I buy something here?
Unsig_dreams has been created to showcase and display the creations and as yet that remains the scope of the project. Some extremely limited edition NFTs from unsig_dreams are minted, but selling artworks is not the primary goal. DM me on Twitter if you are really keen to purchase 😉

Can I buy an unsig_dream elsewhere?
It is possible that some unsig_dreams may become available on the secondary markets. Perhaps check one of the ‘CNFT’ marketplaces (eg – Tokhun.io, CNFT.io, jpg.store etc). Be sure to confirm that the policy ID on any asset matches one of the ones listed at the top of this page.

Can you make me an unsig_dream from my own unsig?
Possibly. DM me on Twitter to discuss.

Do you produce any art that is not unsig derived?
Yes. I also produce other pieces that are entirely my own, or occasionally derivative from other CNFT projects that I like. Anything minted of this nature is released under the project title “Tim_the_Sleeper”. See top of page for the associated policy ID.

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More information about the neurological condition narcolepsy: http://www.narcolepsy.org.uk

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