Not all sleep is restful

Dreams can take you anywhere your soul can imagine. They can help solve riddles or overcome fears. They can bring joy and adventure. They can heal emotional wounds too severe to openly touch.

This last month I have discovered a wonderful world of colour through unsigs. I have felt engaged like few times in recent years, and seen with my own eyes the kindness and goodwill of strangers in the community that shares this interest.

But that is not the whole story. Dreams can also magnify doubts and insecurity. They can bring forth grief and pains long believed overcome. A dream has endless possibility, and not every dream is your friend.

As obsessed as I have been with unsigs, so the delicate balance of my life has slowly eroded. Sleep hygiene – the mantra by which a person with narcolepsy must abide – has slipped. I am losing myself and it is starting to show. And so, the emotional peaks give way to the inevitable low. Rebalancing must occur.

I do not fear this process. All through my adult life I have lived with both narcolepsy and with a depressive disorder. These lows are nothing new. I shall embrace the new day and I shall try to let go of that which I do not need.

The colour stays though. Dream on…

-Tim the Sleeper

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