In Darkness and In Light – a moment in a journey

Tomorrow I am releasing a small set of limited edition pieces. This set is something I felt I wanted to share as soon as possible, because it’s very much of the moment for me personally. Here I will share a little of what that means and how I got to this release.

Those who have looked over the site already will know that I have narcolepsy and that my life is intimately intertwined with my dreaming experience. This is one of the twin foundations for this project. The other is of course unsigned_algorithms and how I feel they interact with my neurology and psychology.

Since discovering this unsig world I have been fully engrossed and engaged. This is marvellous of course, but there have been repurcussions in terms of self care and symptom management. I have had many, many emotional highs from the unsigs: experiencing the originals, the opportunity to be creative, and the feedback and community that goes along with unsigned_algorithms – more highs than I could list. Inevitably in life though, there are lows as well, and in a time of great optimism these can feel that much more pronounced.

It was in attempting to balance myself from a temporary emotional low that I started thinking about how we live in emotional spaces which can be expressed as a shifting relationship between polar forces. This sparked an inspiration which rapidly led us here. I have created pairs of NFTs, with a dark and a light variation. Although both are hopefully interesting in isolation, it is when they are placed together that I feel some hidden truth is hinted at – the unseen space between the two. For this reason that is how I will be releasing the set – each piece is a matched pair.

I do believe art is alive and once it has left the artist it may continue to evolve in the world, so the two NFTs will be delivered as separate entities and can be split up by the purchaser if so desired, but my intent for how I present this to the world requires the dark/light pairs to be together at this stage.

I hope you will enjoy the release and if you are so inclined are able to aquire yourself something. I will be taking reservations by Twitter DM from 3pm UTC (4pm BST) on Monday.

-Tim the Sleeper

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