NFT Release – In Darkness and In Light – Sep 2021

“We walk from darkness to light, From light back to darkness again, From unknown to known, Known back to unknown” ― Eric Overby, Legacy

Although emotions can range in a spectrum not dissimilar to the way colours do, within those shifting gradients we often tend to identify polarities. Dreams can also be dualistic in nature, containing both joy and fear abundant. Frequently the existence of one cannot fully be comprehended without experience of the other. I believe there is peace to be found in embracing the combination.

Here my dreaming is touching on this duality. Each of these unsig_dreams has been imagined in both a dark and a light form. They exist and can be appreciated in isolation, and yet somehow when placed together each of them hints at a greater meaning.

I like this concept that one requires the other for full understanding, and so for this limited edition drop, I will only be offering the unsig_dreams in dark and light matched pairs. Each purchase will receive 2 separate NFTs which when placed together reveal a balancing of darkness and light and help give context to all the spaces in between.

This complete set consists of 4 light and dark pairs. Each NFT is strictly limited to 15 numbered editions (labelled: rare).

Release details:
Direct reservations by Twitter DM. Reservation messages will be received from 3pm UTC (4pm BST), until reservations are complete.
Please message “RESERVE” to be included. It would be helpful if you include which pair/s you want as well, but I will confirm that by reply. I am not accepting reservations for duplicates.

During the first 24 hours of reservations, the first 8 people to request a complete set can purchase all 4 pairs, and after that each purchase will be limited to 2 pairs max. After 24 hours have passed if anything remains it will be released without restriction.

Sales will be wallet to wallet, and arranged after the reservation period is complete.

-Tim the Sleeper

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